To date, the following deliverables have been released as part of the project activities:

Milestone 2

Milestone 2

This deliverable discusses the use cases of the WHOW project. The use cases’ requirements, as well as their related datasets, have been outlined. The Use Cases have been gradually developed and fine tuned using a dual approach:

  • Top-down: identifying legislative and policy requirements at the EU and Italian level in the water and health domains;
  • Bottom-up: gathering requirements through a co-creation programme where interested stakeholders and users have been involved from the initial phases of the project.

They represent the basis for the technical development activities and will be further fine tuned in alignment with the future project milestones.

Milestone 7

This deliverable focuses on the design of the technical architecture and describes: a set of technical use cases that define how different types of users (data consumers and data providers) can interact with, and leverage the functionalities offered by, the WHOW technical architecture; the functional and non-functional requirements that are derived from each technical use case and used in synergies with the business use cases of the project; the high level view of the architecture, made up of software services and semantic resources; a component based design of the architecture that illustrates the interfaces used in the interactions among the architectural components; the process that is enabled in the construction of the ontologies and controlled vocabularies of the WHOW knowledge graph.


This section includes the communication material of the WHOW projects, such as presentations and fact sheets.